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History of our name

history of our name

Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.

How our name comes to life
To determine the grain size, coffee is sifted through a stack of special screen screens. Each screen has its own size holes: the top screen in the stack is the largest, the bottom one is the smallest. Sifting coffee through such a simple device, the grains are sorted by size. Classification starts from screen 20 and ends with screen 8. There are also intermediate screens – for example, 15/16 or 17/18 screens. The larger the grain, the more nutrients the grains received during maturation.
Sorting the coffee beans allows you to fry the sorted coffee in an optimal way. The same grain is roasted more evenly, which allows you to get a balanced taste of the drink. So it turns out the best grain coffee.
From 17/18 start speciality coffee beans.
For us the stability of taste is important from batch to batch.
We carefully monitor the quality of our coffee and want to offer you a cup of the best flavored coffee.